The Centre Gériatrique Condé

Performance improvement project : a constant policy of progress

The first performance improvement project was launched in 1997. It implemented an important programme of medical and social renovation following an audit by the Ministry of the Interior.
The restructuring took ten years.

In 2005, a new stage was reached with :

  • the definition of a policy of human resources based on a caring approach towards the employees,
  • the response to ever-increasing regulations regarding risk management and quality control,
  • the implementation, within the framework of a Contract of objectives and means, of national health plans, such as Alzheimer’s, nutrition, positive treatment.

In 2009, the Centre Gériatrique updated its performance improvement project, defined its objectives and implemented its quality control procedures. A second Quality Certification was obtained in 2010.

Since 2012, the Performance improvement project took on a new dimension. It still defines a programme of actions, of course, but more importantly it conveys a new perspective on the patient. The person confided to us may be mentally or physically disabled, ill or simply very old but is still a person whose rhythm of life must be respected. Every effort has to be made to take care of this person in as personal a way as possible.

An Ethics Committee will be set up in 2013.

A concrete example : the Adapted Activity and Care Unit

Its aim is to take charge of patients with behavioural disorders in a specially adapted psychogeriatric unit. Very few care homes provide a structure of this type. This project is based on simple and practical choices in terms of number of patients, staff and hours of activity.