The Centre Gériatrique Condé

Our values : respect of the person, solidarity and sustainable development

  • Respect of the person is our first value. It means above all intelligent attention. The fundamental rights of the person must be respected : consent, dignity, privacy, freedom of movement. Adequate and honest information must be given.
  • Solidarity is a necessary value. It is at play at every step in the employees-patients-residents-families-visitors relationship, closely intricate personal ties. Solidarity is also at play in the financial domain for the Centre Gériatrique Condé proposes its own programme of social assistance to those in need. And solidarity is at play with our network of volunteers who contribute to the social and psychological welfare of our patients and residents.
  • Sustainable development is a new value which can be put to good use in so many ways. Every three years, the Centre Gériatrique Condé includes in its performance improvement project specific actions pertaining to the protection of the environment, social progress and economic effectiveness.
  1. Protection of the environment : the 2013 project includes a policy of improvement for waste management, the sanitary water network and thermal insulation.
  2. Social progress : reconciling private and professional life, anticipating strenuous working conditions, improving psychological well-being and training are on the agenda in order to achieve a better quality of live in the workplace.
  3. Economic efficiency : combined with a quality approach, it leads to efficiency. The Haute Autorité de Santé had certified the efficiency of the Centre Gériatrique Condé in 2010. Every effort shall be made to have this certification renewed in 2014.