Day-care centre «Les Petits Princes de Condé»

1875-1957 : the first day-care centre of the Fondation Condé

Back in 1875, the Duc d’Aumale set up a day-care centre within the Hospice Condé. It took over from the day-care centre run by the town of Chantilly which was beset by financial difficulties. Sister Sophie was put in charge and the centre soon increased in scale : about 30 babies and toddlers were taken care of every day !

A speech of 1892 let us know that 38 ladies were contributing to the welfare of the children. Not only did they give money, they also lent a helping hand. It is plain that such a large centre could not have been run without donations and voluntary work.

At that time, more than 300 children were schooled within the Hospice Condé, attending classes and workshops run by the sisters. The day-care centre added up to a remarkable social and educational action.

In 1908, the wife of the mayor of Chantilly set up the “Goutte de Lait” (Drop of Milk) within the Hospice Condé. Thanks to this charity, the mothers who used the day-care centre as well as the others could benefit free of charge from what today would be called nutritional monitoring. An initiative which was well ahead of its time !

The day-care centre was located in the wing along the Rue de l’Hôpital. It closed in 1957 and was replaced by… a flower shop !