Day-care centre «Les Petits Princes de Condé»

A social project

A service reserved for our employees

The day-care centre opened in 2012 in the presence of the Comte de Paris. It is meant to make life easier for parents working at the Centre Gériatrique Condé. The centre accepts their children and grandchildren aged 3 months to 3 years and a half years old. Children aged 4 to 6 years are accepted on Wednesdays and during school holidays. The spacious facility consists of two playrooms equipped to develop the children’s mobility, two nap rooms, a milk kitchen, adequate spaces for hygiene requirements and logistics, an office.

A most convenient location

The day-care centre is located on the premises of the Centre Gériatrique Condé, in the centre of Chantilly. Its logo, true to its name, shows real little princes of the Orléans house on a photograph taken about a century ago. The interior decoration is inspired by “The Little Prince” of Saint-Exupéry.

Reconciling private and professional life

This project is fully in line with the values of the Fondation Condé and the objectives of the performance improvement project.