Fondation Condé : mission and organisation

The board

The Fondation Condé is a state-approved foundation. It is governed by a board of 12 members.

A college of 4 founding members.

They are renewed by cooptation by the remaining founding members or, failing that, by the board at large.

A college of 4 ex officio members.

It is made up of :

  • the minister of the Interior or a representative,
  • the President of the Conseil Général de l’ Oise or a representative,
  • the Mayor of Chantilly or a representative,
  • a representative of the Institut de France, legatee of the Domaine de Chantilly.
A college of 4 appointed members.

They are chosen by the members of the board, on proposal of the Chairman, for their usefulness to the development of the Fondation.

The honorary president is the head of the House of France.