Fondation Condé : mission and organisation

The Fondation Condé manages the Centre Gériatrique Condé and preserves a valuable historical heritage

The Fondation Condé is a state-approved foundation. Its usefulness is officially recognised. The statutes of 31 July 2001 detail its mission towards the elderly and its responsibility towards its cultural and historical heritage.

Its mission is to provide graded and continuous residential and nursing care to the elderly in accordance with strict respect for their rights, as persons and as patients.

This mission is carried out through the Centre Gériatrique Condé, a non-profit-making ESPIC. The Centre Gériatrique Condé is organised and financed within a specific legal framework. Its action is based on acknowledged ethical values : respect of the person, solidarity and sustainable development.

The Fondation Condé must also preserve and bring to the attention of the public a historical heritage comprising works of art, valuable archives, a chapel put at the disposal of the Chantilly parish, a chapel-museum and a social housing scheme.

The Fondation Condé and the Centre Gériatrique Condé have separate budgets.

The Centre Gériatrique Condé is financed by the Assurance Maladie, the Conseil Général and its paying residents. Donations are the only source of income of the Fondation Condé.

The Fondation Condé may intervene financially in favour of the Centre Gériatrique Condé provided it is used to improve the well-being of the residents or the patients.