The heritage of the Fondation Condé

St Vincent : a place of worship and a venue of culture

The chapel looks onto the Place Omer Vallon, the market square of Chantilly. It is part and parcel of the town and its history. The people of Chantilly are very attached to St Vincent and do not take it lightly when its bells happen to be momentarily out of order!

This private chapel was commissioned by Queen Marie-Amélie, wife of Louis-Philippe and mother of the Duc d’Aumale. It was built in 1836-37 within the Hospice Condé to replace the old interior chapel. It is simple and plain, in accordance with the queen’s wishes. Yet it boasts a fine coffered ceiling with roses decorated with flowers and leaves. A statue of the Virgin Mary stands on top of the chapel. It was erected in gratitude for protecting the town when the German army invaded it in 1914.

The chapel is at the disposal of the Chantilly parish. Masses are celebrated on Friday morning and Sunday evening.

The chapel is also a venue of culture, in particular for musical rehearsals and concerts. St Vincent is included in the heritage guided tours set up by the town of Chantilly.