The heritage of the Fondation Condé

St Laurent : the chapel-turned-museum houses a fine collection of XVIIth century pharmaceutical vases

The museum, located in the park of the Centre Gériatrique Condé, is a disused chapel which was one of the seven chapels built by Anne de Montmorency in the 16th century.

The chapel was turned into a museum. It houses a collection of earthenware pharmaceutical vases from the XVIIth century. They were bought thanks to a donation from the Prince de Condé in 1784. The pharmacy, primarily used for the hospital, was also open to the public. The profits from the sales were given to the hospital. A portrait of the founder, the Princesse de Condé, is hung above the door.

The museum is open to the public during the Heritage Days in September. It can also be visited all year long as it is included in the “Town of art and history” guided tours organized in a partnership between the Fondation Condé and the municipality.