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The Fondation Condé is a non-profit-making institution. Its mission is to manage the Centre Gériatrique Condé with the aim of providing the elderly with quality accommodation and nursing care on a personalised basis. It must also preserve a valuable historical heritage. Donations are the only source of income of the Fondation Condé.

Donations in cash, gift legacies and settlements

The Fondation Condé is entitled to receive donations and gift legacies, even from abroad, and settlements.
A gift legacy consists of money or property left in a will.

A settlement is a gift inter vivos, a voluntary transfer of property, including money, which is perfected and takes effect during the lifetime of the donor.

Such transfers of properties are serious matters and we recommend that you consult a notary who will represent you.

Donations, gift legacies and settlements to the Fondation Condé may allow you to benefit from tax deductions. If you are subject to tax in France, click the button “Soutenez nos actions”. If you are not, contact the fiscal administration of your country to enquire.